Yvonne George – The Eternal Knot

Each autumn and spring Mica Grange gardens opens their doors to lovers of gardens and art with their biannual exhibitions.  The spectacular exhibitions of the blend of mother nature and artwork is remarkable and 2021 is no different.

This year, Bendigo sculptor, Yvonne George is exhibiting new works showcasing her kinetic pieces that she describes as “These pieces are based on the eternal knot, the symbolism within wisdom, compassion, life and death.  We are the result of what we think, what we focus on and what we believe.”  Yvonne added, “these kinetic pieces are an interpretation of energy through movement.  What we focus on is what we attract.”

Yvonne has been a sculptor for thirty five years and learnt how to weld when she and her partner built their mud brick house back in the eighties.  Her work ranges from smaller  pieces suitable for home décor to very large, spectacular models.  Yvonne says of her work, “The organic forms of nature continue to inspire my work today both in public and private commissions.”

Yvonne’s work can be seen at The Gallery Workshop located at the Bendigo Pottery Complex and online.   Yvonnegeorgesculptor.com.