The Changing Storm

Like everyone else, we at Secrets Magazine are trying to come to terms with the current and constant changes affecting our lives. As a Taurean, I find change challenging, that’s not to say I don’t like variety in life, I actually love it, as long as my core remains static and I believe that to be true of most of us. With all the reports about the Corona Virus, to feel scared is understandable. These are difficult times, but if we remain calm, rational and care about each other, we will come through, hopefully stronger and healthier than ever. We are walking on shifting sands, but they will settle and the clouds will clear.
Image by Donna Crebbin – Pics Pix Photography

Autumn issue – if we’d only known

Autumn 2020

Our autumn issue has now been distributed. In it we highlighted a number of festivals and events and guess what! They’ve all been cancelled with the exception of Mica Grange Sculpture and Garden event over Easter. Most of our outlets still had their doors open when we delivered, but of course, many of those have since closed. There are some good stories in the autumn issue and they will all be posted online over the next few days. You can also read the full magazine online now. If you would like a hard copy sent to you, call 0427 103 217 or email

Future print copies and online magazine

We have thought seriously about continuing the print copy of Secrets and in light of the situation with so many businesses closed, we will be deferring the print magazine until later in the year. The progress of the lock downs/social isolation will determine when we next go to print. However, we will still be bringing you stories and updates of what is happening in and around our region online – just to keep you in the loop. If you have stories or ideas, don’t be afraid to send them to us.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of our stories (more online)

Odessa at Leaver’s Hotel
The brain child of Chantel Leaver Creswick’s newest bar has rapidly become the ‘go to place’ for a quiet drink, great food and live music.
Closed now, but open for take away. Read more

A Good Life
Eight years ago Marie and Paul Williams opened a French Patisserie and Boulangerie – Le Peche Gourmand in Creswick.  Their popularity has surpassed all expectations. Read more

Autumn at the Farmers Wife
We all love a bit of retail therapy and although the Farmer’s Wife has closed their doors until further notice, you can still buy from their great range online. Read how

Your Autumn Astrology
Read Lyndall McQuinn’s uncanny predictions for autumn. Lyndall is available for online readings and workshops.
To book Call 0428 425 923.

What’s Open, What’s Not

Our aim was to publish a list of venues, cafe and restaurants that were offering take away and we spent a lot of time in the past few days to obtain that information. Each time we thought we had it right, the sand shifted again, so sorry, we’ve given up. All we can suggest is that you contact your favourite eatery and coffee spot to check out who is and who isn’t open. Or visit this new website developed by Kate Davis of Plate Up Ballarat for some ideas

See You on the Other Side

Image by Tim Swaan – Unsplash

The latest catch phrase we’ve been hearing is “See you on the other side” and we love it. We will all cross this bridge and come out stronger on the other side. In the meantime, we will be posting stories of all sorts on the Secrets Magazine website and sending out regular updates. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and let us know of how you are coping in your isolation.