People, people everywhere

It didn’t take long for people to throw off the traces once Covid restrictions started to ease. It was abundantly clear in towns like Bendigo, Ballarat, Daylesford, Creswick, Castlemaine and others that the ‘starter’s gun’ had been fired. Each town had more than their fair share of visitors over the past two weekends, with not a lot of evidence of social distancing. Great for business, but the jury is still out if it is wise as that damn virus is still around.

How are businesses coping with Covid

Over the next few weeks, we are speaking with businesses and key players in the region about how they have coped during the lockdown. So far we have spoken to two businesses in Creswick about how it has affected them and their responses were very surprising, but similar.

Beauty in a Box

Sisters Carla and Casey had only moved into their new salon six days before the lockdown was declared. After the intial shock wore off, they put their heads together to work out a solution. How they handled it is inspiring. Read their story here

Smokey Town Cafe

We heard a similar story from Joban and Raj Singh who run Smokey Town Cafe. As soon as the lockdown was announced they knew they had to stay open offering take away food and coffee. It wasn’t fun at the beginning, but they quickly turned a potential negative into a very real positive.
To learn more click here

New Hub for Daylesford

Wine and Country and DosDeli are merging to become a one stop shop for wine and an impressive range of charcuterie, cheeses, pastries, breads and other delectables. Occupying the former IGA Supermarket site in Vincent Street, this new venture for Owen and Jenny Latta also takes on a new name, becoming Winespeake. For more details visit

Open for School Holidays

Kryal Castle

The park will reopen on Saturday 27th June and remain open daily for the holidays. There will be a few noticable changes in keeping with Covid-19 safety precautions. To ensure safety of numbers, general admission tickets will need to be pre-purchased on-line at

Ballarat Wildlife Park

Ballarat’s stunning showcase for wildlife has reopened and is welcoming visitors, safely and with care for the health of those visitors and staff. Another destination for the school holidays, the park is a must at anytime, but especially now when a day out amongst the animals will blow away the cobwebs of isolation.

Cave Hill Creek

After looking at the same walls for months, the chance to take a short break would be that wake up call we all need. Cave Hill Creek camp near Beaufort is now open for short stays – couples, families and small groups are welcome between 1st June and 26th July. Camping, glamping, walking, biking, fresh air and the beautiful countryside. What a great way to blow away those cobwebs. Full details at

Technology – wonderful when it works!

Our regular updates have been interrupted over the past few weeks due to NBN outages. Technology allows us to work virtually from anywhere, the increase in Zoom meetings is testament to that, but when access to the web is uncertain, life becomes even more challenging at a time in our history when challenge is the operative word.

Where to now?

Even though we haven’t been able to produce a printed copy of Secrets for winter doesn’t mean you miss out on Lyndall McQuinn’s insightful predictions for the winter months. You can read them here

It’s time to smile

It has been a difficult time for many people and we aren’t out of the woods yet, but at this magazine we are privileged to speak with people from all walks of life – business people, community groups, trades people and individuals and we’re hearing similar messages across the board. Yes, the sudden and sharp lockdown was confronting and scary, but there is a new optimism coming forth. Many are viewing the last few months as an opportunity. An opportunity to take stock of business, of life, of fundamental values and despite civil unrest both here and overseas, the general sense is that “she’ll be right mate”.

The laughing Quoka – Image courtesy of Ballarat Wildlife Park