New Pop Up Farmers Market

Have you been missing Farmer’s Markets and all that wonderful fresh produce?  You’re not on your own, but relief is in sight.

Allendale Nursery is hosting the first Pop Up Farmers Market in Allendale on Sunday 26th April. The market is supported by the Shire of Hepburn and is classified as an essential – it is food after all and fresh regional produce.  You can’t get better than that!

No entry fee – No early admission – No amenities on site – Strict Covid 19 rules apply.

Please share with everyone you know.  We are all here for the community.  By supporting the market, you will be supporting growers and farmers and ensuring that Farmer’s Markets will thrive into the future.
When:         Sunday 26th April – from 9am to 1pm
Where:       Allendale Nursery – Creswick-Newstead Road, Allendale

Here’s just a few things you will find. Honey, Wine, Garlic, Chooks, Spuds, Pumpkin, Onions, Sausages & small goods, olive oil, muesli and more.