Awesome Artistry

Back in 2016 we came across artist Guido Van Helten who had been commissioned to paint murals on disused silos in Brim, which became the first of the now famous ‘silos arts trail.

We have now discovered that Guido has taken his talents to Western Australia where he has painted a giant mural on the Wellington Dam in Collie W.A. Covering 8,000 square metres, this mural is a whopper and another in Guido’s awesome record as an outstanding street artist, known worldwide for his creations.

This work titled Reflections required a specially designed scaffolding to enable the work to be completed. Speaking with ABC news, Guido said “the key to coping with such a large piece of work was organisation. You need a good plan to put it altogether”. Work on this massive mural began in November 2020 as part of the Collie Mural Trail, a series of art pieces created round the nearby town of Collie.

We can’t wait to see what Guido Van Helten produces next.