A New Team Brings An International Flavour

Michael Daviss, Albane Mahaut, Gerhard Zitzenbacher

Five years ago the Novotel Forest Resort arose out of the forest at Creswick and now prominently stands on the Midland Highway at the entrance to the town.  A world class complex like the resort requires careful management and

General Manager Michael Daviss has gathered around him a team with a mix of international experience and local knowledge including an Austrian Chef, Gerhard Zitzenbacher, a French Director of Sales and Marketing, Albane Mahaut and bringing local knowledge to the mix as Conference Sales Manager is Daylesford’s Paul Green.  With the influx

Aerial shot.jpg

Forest Resort from the air

of International and Australian conference attendees to the Novotel Forest Resort Creswick has come into the spotlight – and who would have thought that this once sleepy little town would one day step onto the international stage.  It’s fair to say that slowly, but surely Creswick is rising to the challenge.