A box full of beauty

The Pink Heart mounted on the front of Beauty in a Box salon in Creswick says it all really.

Sisters Carla Preston and Casey Leaghan love what they do and there is no mistaking their enthusiasm for their business, their clients and their community.  The girls grew up in Donald and inherited their innate work ethic from their parents, together with their affection for small towns, both saying, “we are falling more in love with Creswick every day.”

Carla set up Beauty in a Box from a repurposed shipping container two years ago to fulfil her desire to get back into the work force, while balancing the demands of being a Mum to two young sons.  Having a husband who is a builder was very handy as he converted the shipping container into a very attractive, albeit small, beauty salon.  Carla built a loyal client base and when sister Case, an experienced and talented hair stylist returned from Sydney, it was a natural progression for the two girls to work together. 

When the little building near the Farmer’s Arms Hotel became available to lease, the girls jumped at it.  The building has had a few incarnations, the latest being an eclectic café, so it needed some rejigging to become a stylish salon.  Enter Carla’s husband Nick once again.  The result is a charming, comfortable space that not only provides a variety of beauty and hair creations, but is a friendly, welcoming space.

Carla and Case worked eighteen hour days to pull it together and were delighted to open the doors to their new domain.  Six days later, the crunch came.  The Corona-19 lockdown forced this new venture to close the doors before the paint even had time to dry.

Suddenly the girl’s dreams were in jeopardy.  It could have been the end of Beauty in a Box, but these two vivacious sisters put their heads together, developed some beauty packs they could sell online and worked out their business plans for moving forward.  Carla said, “Corona had a silver lining for us in many ways.  Because we had been working so hard on setting up the business, we hadn’t had time to really look at where we wanted to take it and set targets.  Suddenly we had time to do that and it has been invaluable”.  Adding “We had our good days and not so good days, particularly as the finances took a hit, but the closer we came to being able to reopen, the more excited we became. On those bad days, I thought about what we gained in the forced nine weeks of closure and the chance to spend real quality time with the kids. We’ll never have this time again.”  Casey added, “This isn’t just about us, the whole world was shut and everyone has gone through the same thing.”

Between the two of them, Carla and Case have over twenty years’ experience in the beauty industry and as they develop the business, they want to share that experience.  Both girls like to teach and when circumstances allow they are looking at hiring staff who will benefit from that experience.

Carla and Case believe they have great ideas toward expansion.  They will work on those while re-establishing the business for the rest of the year.  For hours and to make a booking visit http://www.beautyinaboxcocreswick.com or follow on Facebook or call Carla for waxing/tanning and beauty therapies on 0432 037 423 or Casey for hairstyling 0439329754.