When You Advertise in Secrets You Invest in Your Business

You run a business, co-ordinate a festival or event or anything where you need customers or an audience, so how do you attract them?  The first response of course is that you need to advertise, but how do you do that effectively.  Print media has been the traditional way to promote your product and for generations it worked supremely well, but now, with the growth of the internet and social media, people have choices.  And at Secrets Magazine we are offering choices.  Advertisers now have the option to promote their product in the quarterly, well loved print magazine, and on the Secrets Website where we offer a number of options for both print and digital packages.

Secrets Magazine has been showcasing the people, places, stories and businesses of Central Victoria since 2005. Rated for its quality, easy to read articles and images the quarterly publication has a strong and loyal following.  Secrets provides a platform for regional businesses to promote their product and service to a wide audience that is inquisitive, tech savvy and utilises electronic media, but who still enjoy a good read over a cuppa and a bite to eat.  With the exponential growth of the internet and social media, Secrets has recognised that our advertisers will reach a far broader audience either through the print magazine or by using one of the platforms offered through the Secrets website and social media.

Your advertisement and/or editorial will be seen by an average of 7,750 unique visitors per month who will have the option of using links to go directly to your own website. We will promote your business through our social media platforms at least twice per month, depending on the advertising investment.  Digital advertising is cost effective and is flexible where you can choose from display ads on the Secrets website, online editorials, or simple line listings in our new “Where do I find it …? Section.  You can choose how long you run your online advertising from one month to three months.

Secrets has been a sought after publication for the past fourteen years each quarter.  We have researched the possibility of making Secrets an online only magazine and it has been made abundantly clear that both readers and advertisers like to have the hard copy that they enjoy reading leisurely over a coffee and sharing with friends.  Eight thousand copies of the hard copy are printed each quarter and distributed throughout the Central Victorian region from Bendigo to Bacchus Marsh, Ballarat and all points in between.  The magazine has been unofficially audited with an estimated readership in excess of 40,000 per issue.  However, it is also abundantly clear that print media needs to be offered in harmony with digital.


  • “From our very first ad, we have had customers through the door who have seen us in Secrets and I’m surprised at how far they travel. We now have customers from Melbourne, Geelong and Mornington.” Bec Mason, The Farmers Wife. 
  • “Big fan of your publication, it makes me happy each time I pick one up” Glyn Roberts, Director Castlemaine State Festival  
  • “Thanks for the great article, we now have a full house. The last two places were snapped up after your magazine came out. Thanks again” Eric Dias, Co-director Music at the Springs. “I love reading Secrets!  
  • “I love reading Secrets! My husband and I often explore the special places we hear of from this excellent publication.” Rosalie Darby

Community Events
At Secrets we aim to help community run festivals and events promote as far afield as possible and we are acutely aware of the considerations such events need to address. Talk to us about how we can help.

To find out how Secrets can help you – call 0427 103 217 or email secrets@knowersark.com.au for details, or click here to download our media pack.