When You Advertise in Secrets You Invest in Your Business

When you advertise with Secrets you get the best of both worlds. Our print version has long been a popular, eagerly sought after publication, however with the enormous increase in the popularity of digital media, the online version of Secrets is attracting significant and growing attention.  So much so, that the reach of the digital version of Secrets is incalculable.  Our social media strategies are a major driver to the increase in visitors to our site, which in turn, increases the exposure of our advertisers.

Profile Your Business in Print and Online

Advertising in the print version of Secrets, also gives you exposure on the online version as part of our value adding – however you also have the opportunity to advertise online to suit your needs and your budget.  This is a fantastic avenue to profile your business, event, festival, exhibition, sales or anything that needs more immediate action than the quarterly print version.

Our rates are very competitive and discounts are offered for multiple bookings. In addition, there are excellent opportunities for editorial – a proven way to attract even more business to your door. Plus you can advertise on Secrets website with or without being in the print magazine – but as we also have Secrets as an eMag, it makes sense to be in all.

Utilising Social Media

We have worked hard to develop a strong presence on the Social Media platforms which are proving to be very powerful marketing tools and Secrets is taking full advantage of this.

Community Events

At Secrets we aim to help community run festivals and events promote as far afield as possible and we are acutely aware of the considerations such events need to address. Talk to us about how we can help.

To find out how Secrets can help you – call 0427 103 217 or email secrets@knowersark.com.au for details and a media pack.