It’s not over yet

Easing lockdown restrictions is tempting, but is it smart?

As Boris Johnson urges a return to work in the UK, the population, desperate to reclaim their lives, complied resulting in overcrowding of public transport. Not smart, not healthy and very, very dangerous. This is not something we want to see in Australia. We have done well and are arguably the envy of the world, but we really can’t afford to lose sight of the ultimate goal – to survive this virus.

Working from home – post pandemic

The employment market post Covid-19 will most likely have a totally different look than we are used to. Now that employees have sampled the working from home experience, there is a general feeling that it may become a permanent arrangement. On the plus side is the reduction in congestion on roads and public transport, more flexible hours and better work life balance. On the down side however, is the reduction in stimuli from ‘bouncing off work colleagues’, losing routine and discipline. From the employers point of view one main advantage is reduced costs, particularly facilities costs and smaller real estate. Employers fear a lowering of productivity, but anecdotal reports are showing that productivity either remains the same or actually increases. Companies are looking at ways to assist their staff to work effectively from home at least for a few days per week. There may be a very real shift to Contract Work across the board. It’s a brave new world, which may bring in a whole new paradigm for working Australia.

Do Your Travelling Online

We may not be able to travel around like we used to, but you can still keep in touch with attractions within our region until such time as we can actually enjoy physical interaction. The good people at Bendigo Tourism have created some blogs of businesses who are offering online initiatives.

Two new stories to keep you occupied – for a short time at least

Canadians in Lockdown

Our Canadian cousins are experiencing the same dilemmas as we are at home. This is how one young Canadian, Kristy Chown is getting through these times..

A Bit of Pin Money

In uncertain times you need to be resourceful. This is a story of how one woman found a way to make some pin money, even long after she needed to.