The new normal

We hear words like, unprecedented, we’re in this together, we’ll get through this, the new normal, . People have lost jobs, businesses have closed, lives have been placed on hold, so what will be the new normal.  
On the whole, we have accepted the shutdown.  We are being good people, keeping our distance, not touching, following the rules and while it isn’t easy, mostly we seem to be rolling with this current way of life. Our efforts appear to be working, possibly taking us closer to a time when we can start to plan again – maybe that will be ‘the new normal’.

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We may not be producing a printed copy of Secrets for the time being, but you can still read about the interesting people and places from our region online. Here’s the latest.

Doing the Corona Dance

Once upon a time, in the days of BC (before Corona), a trip to the supermarket was simple. The pantry and fridge needed restocking, so we travelled along the aisles filling our trolleys with what we needed, often adding items we didn’t need, but we succumbed to subliminal advertising.  We would be remotely aware of our fellow shoppers, but not particularly engaged.  Not so now …. Read more

Timing is Everything

Kirsten Krauth’s new book Almost a Mirror was to be launched at a variety of festivals and events when the pandemic shutdown hit hard and fast. Read how she has turned a negative into a very real positive. Read more

Salvaging the Past

The premise behind Annie and Shane Brereton’s business is pretty simple in theory – rescue, repurpose, reuse. Practically, it’s not something that can be achieved easily for most. But for this Melbourne couple, sustainable living is at the core of all they do. Read more

And Life Goes On

The current shutdown has enormous impact on our small town businesses, more so than the larger regional centres and we need to support them now to make sure they will still be there when the world starts turning again. So use your local car repairer, call a local tradie and buy take away from the local foodies (you must be tired of your own cooking by now). The old saying, “You don’t know what you’ve got until its gone” is as true today as at any time in the past.

El Gordo – Chancery Lane.
0401 412 894

Country Cob Bakery – Mollison St.
5422 1803

Kittelty’s – Lydiard Street
5332 7157

Smokey Town Cafe – Albert St.
5345 1557
Find their menu on Facebook

Le Peche Gourmand – Bakery & Pattisserie.
0428 167 883

Red Fox Deli – Albert St.
5345 1414