To Move or Not to Move

When Tessa Halliday decided to move house, that’s exactly what she did – she moved a house.  Weighing up the options of building a new house on her rural property as opposed to the viability of relocating a house – relocation won the argument.  Searching the internet, she found a suitable dwelling in Warrnambool, followed by engaging the right company to transport it and she was on her way.  Tessa did have the advantage of having ten year’s experience in the building industry and running her own planning consultancy, Central Vic. Planning Consultants, so she had a bit of an edge in streamlining the often laborious process of the planning experience.

The day arrived when the house was prepared, loaded on two semi-trailers and made the journey to Tessa’s smallholding in Clunes, however heavy rain ensured that unloading and positioning the house took place on muddy ground. This was the ‘heart in mouth’ moment, with thankfully a successful outcome.  Tessa says, “Those removal guys are pretty awesome.  It was amazing to watch them prop up the whole house and install the foundation stumps underneath”.  From that point, it was a fairly normal ‘build’, taking just over six months to complete.  Asked if she undertook any of the practical work herself, Tessa laughed, saying “no, I can wield a hammer, but it is safer to leave the rest to the experts”. 

Almost there

Asked if she would recommend moving a house, Tessa said, “It is possibly as stressful as building from scratch, but more cost effective, it really is a matter of weighing up the pros and cons for the individual, but it has been fun”.