It’s About Discovery

Terra Australis Distillery is located just on the edge of the township of Daylesford – at the entrance of this lovely, little community – one will find the Old Butter Factory. Here, in this steadfast, stately piece of history you will find the home of one of the most beautiful distilleries in the region.

As with its sister company, the well known Herbal Lore Liqueurs, only time honoured traditional methods are used to create the fine range of Distillery products. Their commitment to this process, unique in many ways, ensures that our range of Gin is blended only with ethanol distilled from Grape Spirit, not Wheat Spirit which is now more commonly used.

The art of blending is taken to new heights with the superb craftmanship and skill of the Master Blender. Whether in their range of Gin- Sweet Jennifer, Lady Susanne and Navy Strength – or with the Spring Water Vodka and Espresso Vodka, one is assured of incredible smoothness, balance and texture with every sip. In every way, Terra Australis offers an experience that delights the palate with true flavour.


Sweet Jennifer Gin
A light style of Gin perfect
for those who wish for
something a little different.
She is light, gentle with a
hint of sweetness AND
a surprise. She catches You
with a little bite at the back
from Tasmanian Pepper Berry!

Lady Susanne Gin
Awarded a silver medal in
San Francisco. This
London Dry style Gin
offers strong, bold flavours,
a fresh citrus flavour
and a lovely richness
from Tasmanian Saffron
holding it all together.

Navy Strength Gin
The first borne in our range
of Gin is truly a unique,
awesome experience.
Incredibly smooth with a
dance of flavour teasing
your palate, Navy Strength
leaves you with an explosion
of warmth and flavour hitting
your very core. Awarded
a Bronze medal in New York,
this Gin, Strong and powerful,
stands alone for a dynamic

Spring Water Vodka
Smooth, clean, light and fresh
with just a hint of flavour, our
spring Water Vodka
will stand brave and true
in the spotlight or as
support in your
favourite cocktails.
Dangerous but delicious!

For coffee lovers everywhere,
the smooth, pure flavour
of Spring Water Vodka
expertly blended with the
rich aromatics of freshly
brewed, cold filtered
coffee make for a
heavenly experience.
Whether mixed in your
Espresso Martini or
simply enjoyed over ice.
It is truly sublime.

It’s about Discovery. Discover the adventure with Botanicals and Herbs. Discover the play between strength and elegance. Discover flavours, new experiences, the blend of tradition and modern. Most of all Discover the excitement this range of Spirit offers you and your loved ones in those special moments of your life.

Terra Australis Distillery, dedicated to creating memorable, life – enhancing experiences for all who enter. Crafted in the spirit of discovery!