New Care Farm

Many people will remember the oddly shaped roofline of the building at the base of Springmount that was formerly Tangled Maze and Mystic Roses. The property was purchased by Child and Family Services (CAFS) Ballarat a few years ago and is being developed as a Care Farm. 

Care farms throughout the world provide health, social and educational care services for individuals from one or a range of vulnerable groups. These groups can include people with mental health problems, people suffering from mild to moderate depression, adults and children with learning disabilities, children with autism, those with a drug or alcohol addiction history, disaffected young people and adults and people on probation. 

Care farming harnesses elements known as ‘green care’ – where therapies can include increased engagement with the outdoors and the natural world. The Cafs Care Farm is a vital and necessary service to the community, as Cafs recognises that there are distinct benefits from a combination of access to the natural environment, meaningful activities, exercise and working with animals. 

Cafs is well known for providing comprehensive services to support the wellbeing of those who are most at risk in the community. At the Care Farm, Cafs’ aim is to provide a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for a range of vulnerable people, as well as their families and their wider community. This will include offering a wide selection of current and new services on location at the Care Farm in Springmount. 

Cafs is intensively planning the evolution of their services and programs to be offered with a view to closely link clients and their families to different elements of the Farm itself. 

Operating a farm environment is a costly endeavour – operating a farm that provides necessary relief and therapeutic benefits to at-risk people is even more expensive. To keep the gates open Cafs invites donations, sponsorship and in-kind support for their programs and to support the living costs of the farm animals. 

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