Deb Morrow in her happy place

“One Woman. One Acoustic Guitar. One Compelling voice.” This is Deb Morrow a singer songwriter and a proud Weilwan/ Ngympaa woman. Deb has been performing since her teenage years. “A soulful and expressive storytelling through a variety of genres, offering the audience an insight into her life and culture through song and story.” 

Deb has actually been singing all her life and wrote her first song when she was ten years old having been taught guitar by her auntie. She says, “singing takes me to my happy place. It has taught me about self worth”. 

Deb was adopted into a non-indigenous family and says, “it was a difficult childhood. I had no idea I was part of the stolen generation and grew up thinking my mother couldn’t have me, but as I grew older, I found my family and met my sisters.” Adding, “I was twenty-eight when I met my birth mother”. 

Music has helped Deb to come to terms with her background and now feels she can relate to anyone and everyone. “As long as you stay strong, you can learn from your background” she said. Deb went on to say, “I don’t mean to be a political person, but I tell my story through music – I’m very comfortable on stage.” Although she did admit to feeling very nervous at the beginning of a performance, “I’m usually two to three songs in before I truly relax” she said. 

Deb started on stage around the age of fifteen, putting her own bands together from her early twenties doing lots of covers. After performing at all the major festivals, Deb took a twenty year break from the music industry to raise her family, stating, “family is everything”. Now her children have grown up and have their own children, she decided two years ago that it was time to move back into music and she is loving it. 

The Maldon Folk Festival will see the launch of Deb Morrow’s new self titled EP, featuring three songs written and performed by Deb. Her new website will be available soon, so keep an eye out for it.