Passive House Design

Australia’s most comfortable, healthy and energy efficient homes

Passive House (from the German Passivhaus) is a comprehensive design and construction process, combining excellence in material science, engineering, architecture and construction to deliver proven, year round comfortable, ultra low energy buildings.

Three local companies – Passive House, European Timber Windows & Doors and Niimori Jamison Architects bring together an expert team of engineer, material scientist, registered builder, joiners, carpenters and architects to design and construct Australia’s most comfortable, healthy and energy efficient homes.

Using natural materials, foam free timber construction, with the best performing triple glazed windows and doors, our team can deliver beautifully designed, high performing buildings – meaning your house can be healthy and extremely comfortable all year round, with minimal energy consumption   









Insulated                                                                Efficient                                                       Comfortable                                              Ventilated
The highest performing windows &                       Passive House buildings deliver                   Passive House buildings are                        A ventilation system consistently
doors and a building shell fully                               energy savings of up to 90%                          praised for their high level of                      supplies filtered 100% fresh air
insulated, with weather tight and                           compared with typical Australian                comfort.  Draft free, quiet and                     24/7, recovering up to 90% energy
moisture control layers – always                             buildings.  By comparison, Passive              stable in temperature and humidity          making for superior indoor air
keeping comfort in the house; with                       House homes rate 9-10 stars on the             all year round.                                                quality
almost no active heating or cooling.                      local rating.

Passive House                                                             European Timber Windows                                                               Niimori Jamison Architects
7-9 Raglan Street,                                                             Factory 4                                                                                                            3/11 Lydiard Street,
North Melbourne  3051                                                   Rear 93 Matthews Ave                                                                                    Ballarat  3350
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