Its Been a Long 10 Minutes

Winter 2005 saw the first issue of Secrets Magazine hit the stratosphere – fourteen years and 60 editions later and we’re still here. The voices that said “You won’t last 10 minutes” still resound – it’s been a long 10 minutes. It has been an interesting time, when we started we had next to no idea of how to run a magazine, and the learning could be described as perpendicular. Yes, there have been times when we could have given it away for the cost of two pins, but above all it has been rather wonderful. We have met amazing people, seen the changes experienced by many towns, usually driven by food and the coffee culture and watched our region grow without losing its sense of ‘country’. We have been fortunate in capturing amazing images, many of which have graced our covers – these images have been a mix of contributions and our own photographic efforts (some taken in our own backyard).

Magazines have changed over the fourteen years with the phenomenal growth of social media and we’re changing too. You will notice more online presence for Secrets, but the printed copy will still be available from the usual outlets. Thanks for joining us on this roller coaster ride, it’s been fun.