An insightful architect

He may not have fallen out of the cradle wanting to be an architect, but it was pretty close. Richard Teed decided at primary school that architecture ticked all the right boxes of what he would find fulfilling in a profession. Creativity, inspiration, artistic, people focused – there was never any question about alternatives.  After University, he settled into an established practice in Melbourne, learned a lot, but slowly realised that the corporate landscape didn’t fit well with his own values and ethics.  That’s when the ‘light bulb’ flashed, sparking a move to Ballarat.  A move that brought Ric back to his roots as his family has a long connection to the Central Victorian region. It didn’t take him long to discover his heritage was distinctly rural.

He quickly found a place in a Ballarat practice and then took the plunge to fulfil a long held desire to set up his own, independent architecture practice.  Currently, Ric divides his time between Ballarat and Creswick, however he and fiancé Mari, who also runs her own upholstery business, are about to build a combined home and office in Creswick.  Already Ric has discovered that living and working in a regional town has additional benefits he hadn’t expected.  Just a simple walk down the main street, being greeted with a wave and smile from comparative strangers underlines the sense of community that he enjoys.  Ric has also found that local industry professionals have been very helpful and he is slowly building a coterie of like minded people.

Ric specialises in contemporary, high end residential architecture with a strong sense of place. He says; “I want to create beautiful homes that reflect the client’s view of where they are in life” “Whether it be small scale, every day items or the larger projects” he added.  Ric believes good architecture “requires an unrelenting level of rigor, constantly asking yourself, is this appropriate? Is this solving the issues at hand? Can this be better?”  With that depth of insight and with his desire to provide clients with a home that reflects their vision for the future, this young architect will go a long way.