Garden Revitalisation

You invest a lot of time and effort into your garden. You derive joy from seeing the fruits of your labours, on your own dinner table and you get a buzz when you share your bounty with family and friends.

Gardens, like all of us, struggle when the weather turns up the thermometre. This summer has been really hot and gardens are drying out quickly, so its important that you take steps to stop further deterioration. Gary Morris of Guerilla Gardener says he is receiving calls daily from desperate gardeners wanting to know how they can keep their gardens thriving. Gary says; “Even when the garden is being watered, there is a lack of food nutrients, plants are suffering or just drying out.” He adds; “I tackle this issue head on by treating the garden with a homemade worm juice nutrient with added castings direct into the soil and a thick mulch to finish off on garden beds and dry areas.

Now is the time to focus on this treatment as it is still hot and dry. It’s also a great way to fruit and prolong vegetable harvests”. Gary goes on to say; “I’m finding, with my worm nutrient treatment on my own garden, my green leafy vegies have bounced back, including silverbeet, swiss chard, chives and spring onions. Its also prolonging my tomatoes and zucchinis.  But before this treatment is used, most gardens need a good clean up and weeding.”

If your garden needs to be rescued, call Gary on 0438 324 074 at Guerilla Gardener for a free quotation to bring back the life into your precious garden.