A crucial phone call

A phone call in 2006 was the start of a major life change for retired couple Bede and Mary Gibson.  Their daughter asked if they would look after her property, Mica Grange in Central Victoria as she was moving back to Melbourne.  Bede and Mary fell in love with the property, so leaving their home in Sydney, they entered a new adventure at a time when most people are considering taking life easier.

Mary had a background in fashion and design while Bede’s background had been in marketing and advertising. Together they set about developing Mica Grange, opening it for Open Gardens Australia in 2011. “We wanted to do something different so we asked a number of local sculptors to exhibit in our open garden. We also wanted to keep a balance between work and pleasure, to manage an activity which kept us in contact with people, provided a small financial reward, but still gave us plenty of time to enjoy life. “said Bede.

Today, Bede and Mary open their stunning gardens at Mica Grange for five weekends each spring and autumn with some sixteen sculptors exhibiting. This is complemented with a wide variety of garden art, plants and preserves from their vegetable garden and orchard.  Also on offer is morning, afternoon tea and lunch. The concept is to provide an environment where people can meander and relax and to present ideas on how art can add interest and enhance the beauty and enjoyment of the garden.  Each exhibition has new creations with prices ranging from $10 to $7000 so there is something for everyone. Group bookings occur during weekdays.  The autumn exhibition will be open from 6th April to 5th May, including Easter Monday and Tuesday.

The Gibson’s are often asked why they don’t open more often but they are happy with their current work/life balance and will leave that to someone else when they move on.   http://www.micagrange.com.au