The country road that led to a country life

A love of majestic buildings, a desire to leave the city and a redundancy saw photographer Tara Moore and her partner Ainsley make the big tree change to Ballarat in June 2018.

Tara worked as a photographer with Country Road covering all facets of the company’s product range for six years. When, like so many companies, Country Road moved their primary operation off shore and the majority of the Australian sector became redundant, including Tara. Tara says, “At first, after six years of covering so many diverse shoots, I didn’t expect to be let go, but once I got over the shock, I realised that Country Road had actually done me a favour. I now felt free to develop my photography far beyond the formulaic tasks that had set in with the company and had taken a lot of the joy out of the job”.

Travelling through Europe had developed a passion for stately old buildings for Tara and Ainsley and a day trip to Ballarat, seeing the city’s elegant architecture re-awakened that passion resulting in a relocation along with reinventing herself as a freelance photographer.

Tara’s passion for the shutter began slowly from around the age of 14 when her father gave her a Richo KR5 Super 2 camera that lasted about 20 years. A few short courses, a Diploma in Applied Photography a number of successful exhibitions and a move into an advertising agency prior to her tenure at Country Road has given Tara a breadth of experience and know how of capturing stunning images through the lens.

Together with fashion shoots, Tara is adept with weddings, portraits – in particular corporate portraits and art photography.

Being fairly new to country living, Tara and Ainsley are still finding their way around the region and discovering the amazing opportunities to capture the beauty of central Victoria through the lens. They try to find somewhere new each weekend, which is all they have for exploring with Ainsley still commuting to his motor mechanic’s job in Melbourne.

With her vast experience and keen eye, Tara Moore is sure to be an asset to Ballarat and the photographic world and has proved that a country road can lead to a fulfilling country life.

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