Meet Duncan at Kingston Avenue Centenary

Duncan McHarg and his bespoke hand crafted shoes and boots is one of the artisans who will be displaying his expertise at the upcoming Kingston Avenue of Honour Centenary celebrations on the 11th November.

Duncan is well known within the artisan and craft world.  His bespoke shoes and boots can take up to 250 hours to complete.  Sitting on the shelves of his cluttered work room is an amazing array of paraphernalia of tools, drawings of feet with lines and measurements, boots and shoes in various stages of completion, from a tiny boot made for a Japanese

Bespoke miniature boot

tourist to a pair of intrically detailed cavalier boots that were Duncan’s trademark in his early days.  But his range extends well beyond the fanciful with shoes made for both their practical and aesthetic appeal.

This master of a unique craft is not shy about talking about his work and fascinates his audiences at a variety of events.  Follow Duncan on Facebook or chat to him at the Kingston Avenue of Honour on Armistice Day – 11th November.

Stylish and practical