A Perfect Canvas

As you step through the green arched gates of Ballarat’s Coach House, you immediately feel like you’ve discovered the realms of a secret refuge.

Greeted by the home’s courtyard, you’re then invited to enter the home itself and explore all that this contemporary space has to offer.

Owned and renovated by former Newlyn resident Amy de Silva, the short-term-stay apartment is a work of historic wonder, lovingly transformed into a haven of pure elegance which stays true to its rich past.

Established circa 1875, the guest house is a true piece of Ballarat history and still flaunts its original period features while evoking a sense of modern luxury. Every detail in the home has been well-thought out – from the colour selections to the homewares and kitchenware, the furniture and bedding to the artwork on the walls – many of which have been created by Amy herself!   

“With the interior designed for luxe living, we’ve included all the finer touches with the highest quality furnishings and we provide our guests with a relaxing and comfortable stay,” Amy says.

Raised in country Victoria, Amy says she was able to harness her creative energy from a young age.  “Growing up in Newlyn and looking out my bedroom window, I always had a love affair with the ever-changing patchworks that draped the landscape,” Amy recalls. “Running through the fields and jumping on haystacks, I lived in my own make-believe world, creating my own adventures and having the freedom and space to be creative.”

Bringing authenticity and personality to her work, Amy says she loves creating spaces that are light, bright, and comfortable and which create an overall feeling of wellness and vitality.  With a Bachelor in Interior Architecture and Communication Design, she is now sharing her skills in interior styling, photography and marketing to help others in the region showcase their properties and inject them with a burst of life – thereby putting Ballarat on the map as a region laden with contemporary stays boasting modern features. “Ballarat is enriched with history and offers the perfect canvas for when you just can’t replicate that old-world charm,” she says.  “There are so many ornate heritage buildings, all representing a bygone era of Victoria’s great history. It is incredible to be able to explore these spaces and imagine how they once were and who lived and worked in them over the last 150 years. I’m excited to share what I’ve learnt and cannot wait to help other accommodation hosts to share and communicate the true nature of their properties, reaching their full potential and blocking out their calendar.”

“It feels great to help other owners boost their profiles and contribute to what makes Ballarat a great visitor destination.”

For more information about the Coach House, or to find out how you can collaborate with Amy, visit http://coachhouseballarat.com

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