Coffee is the Dream

When you have a long held dream and you start to see it almost reach fruition, it’s exciting. Luke McPherson had been roasting coffee as a hobby for about 8 years, which grew into a desire to turn his hobby into a business. His wife Susanna backed his dream and they purchased a roaster and were about to set up when Susanna was diagnosed, at only 36 years of age with stage 3 breast cancer, so the dream was put on hold.

During the ensuing years and after getting the all clear on Susanna’s health, they moved to country Victoria and started to raise goats commercially, but this didn’t last long as Susanna became too attached to the goats and couldn’t send them off for processing.

When the owner of a local café, Gordon Bleu ran out of coffee beans and asked Luke to roast beans for them, it confirmed that this was the road he and Susanna should travel. They now concentrate, albeit part time, on developing their coffee roasting business. No mean feat when they are both juggling fulltime jobs, which includes Luke working an extra 30 hours per week roasting, packing and delivering the coffee whilst Susanna takes care of the books and works to develop the business, including sourcing fully compostable pods for domestic coffee machines. In addition to coffee, they have developed two specialty high quality, deep flavoured drinking chocolates for adults and they have added specialty teas to their repertoire.  It has been a slow progression, however Karon Farm Coffee is now available in local retail outlets, such as IGA Ballan and Trentham, The Farm Gate Shop – Elaine, Wilsons Fruit and Veg, Ballarat and Jindarup Gift Shop and Post Office in Blackwood. Karon Farm Coffee is also served at various local outlets including Gordon Bleu, The Farmers Arms, Creswick, the Billy café and Hat Shop and the Commercial Hotel Ballan. Luke and Susanna invite wholesale enquiries and can also assist with supply of equipment if you’re looking to setup a coffee cart, new café or add a coffee machine to your office or workplace.

Looking ahead five years they envisage their business will be fully commercial with the possibility of a specialty coffee/chocolate and tea shop operating as a destination in the region. To enquire about Karon Farm Coffee visit or get in touch via Instagram or Facebook.