Cafe Sidra on the banks of the Lake

Café Sidra is a beautiful venue situated on the shore of Lake Learmonth. The husband and wife team of Belinda Brooksby and Anthony Penhall head the café. They believe in providing fresh homemade food using the best local produce available. The café is a place for locals to gather and for visitors to discover as they explore the region. Visitors who wander down throughout the garden to visit the resident chickens and admire the orchard and vegetable garden can enjoy the picturesque setting by the lake.

The Café has a cider focus and is the cellar door to the local 321 Cider. The apples produced for the cider are grown just three km from the café. These apples are heritage style apples that originate predominantly from France and the UK. With names like, Kingston Black, Yarlington Mill and Somerset Red Streak they conjure up visions of Maypoles and Secret Gardens.

Recently Café Sidra participated in the inaugural Ballarat Plate Up event, which included a pie competition. Pies from seventeen cafes and restaurants were entered with the Café Sidra pork and cider pie taking first prize. Western Bulldogs great, Bob Murphy voted it as the best pie in the universe. Belinda and Anthony have offered their recipe for our Town on a Plate feature, so readers can try it themselves.

The town of Learmonth is only an easy 20 minute drive from Ballarat along the Sunraysia Highway and an equally easy 45 minute drive from Daylesford. Café Sidra has become a destination point in this very pretty town and certainly worth the journey.

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