Diversification is key to modern farming

Farming is a hard gig, the vagaries of the weather, a fluctuating market and working seven days a week is not for everyone. However, ask a farmer how they feel and you invariably hear – ‘it’s hard, but it’s my life’. One such farmer is twenty-one-year-old Brandon May who combines farming with running a butcher shop – Greenvale Meats in Creswick and organising events. Growing up on the family farm in Kingston, producing potatoes and cattle, farming was all he wanted to do when he left school, but his father Ritchie wisely insisted that he learn a trade. So he did, completing his plumbing apprenticeship in 2017, however there haven’t been too many pipes fitted as his heart has always been in farming. Seeing the need for another income stream, Brandon and Ritchie bought the butcher shop, which is also an outlet for selling their own produce, guaranteeing quality and provenance.

In his limited spare time, Brandon organises and runs the annual Kingston Rodeo as well as bi-monthly horse events held on a family property at Waubra. Looking into the future, Brandon plans to expand the farm, continue running the shop and further develop his events adding new ones as the ideas formulate. Who says young people don’t have a work ethic.

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