The beauty of gourmet mushrooms

Jason Crosbie

At an early age, the biology of mushrooms fascinated Jason Crosbie. From the incredible diversity of species, to the pivotal role they play in the cycle of life on earth, to the multitude of dietary, medicinal and spiritual uses they’ve had throughout all of recorded history. About five years ago, Jason set out to learn to cultivate his own mushrooms, mainly for fun and to share the fruits of his labour with friends and family.

Coming from an IT background Jason had always had a strong interest in science and technology. He says, “what I love most about cultivating mushrooms is that it combines a love of these subjects with a love of nature.  What started as a hobby soon developed into a passion and an obsession and since his first step into cultivation he’s been constantly studying, learning, experimenting with new techniques and honing his cultivation skills.  He was aware there was a demand in the Australian market for gourmet mushrooms and he also knew that there weren’t many growers around. He eventually saved up enough money to put together a small scale growing operation known as The Mushroom Connection, operational now for roughly 18 months. Currently Jason supplies a number of restaurants and cafes with a wide range of gourmet mushrooms, with many more in the works. Jason’s aim is to eventually supply the local community and culinary industry with the highest quality, fresh gourmet mushrooms.  To see some of Jason’s range, visit Facebook, or