A Sweet Morsel

When Michel Mussett was retrenched from her job over sixteen years ago, it was the best thing that could ever have happened. Michel says, “it rebooted my entire life. My husband Bill was really supportive, even surrendering part of his beloved shed for me to work from”. Within two years, the business had grown considerably, so Michel asked Bill if she could have a little more, until finally he handed over the entire shed, refurbishing it completely as a full commercial kitchen.

As a child, Michel loved baking, helping her mother make fresh cakes, slices, biscuits and fruit mince pies that she would sell to local shops in Castlemaine and give away to family and friends. Turning her passion into a business wasn’t a hard decision to make, however the other aspects of running a business proved to be a steep learning curve. Staffing, deliveries, marketing and sales were challenging. Michel says, “I knew nothing about sales, but it soon came to me. My first big client was the Marriott Hotel and I soon moved on to restaurants, cafes and other corporate clients” adding, “Jools for Jim Hair Stylists was my second client and they’re still with me today, so too is her loyal team who have been with her for fifteen years.  http://www.michelsfinebiscuits.com.au