This pub hits well above its weight

There aren’t too many pubs around that can boast  their own butchery, or a chef who not only creates great meals, both in the bistro and the bar, but who butchers and cures their own meat and charcuterie. Throw in a good range of beers on tap and an impressive wine list, live music on weekends, plus professional and friendly staff and you have a country pub that ‘hits well above it’s weight’.

Owner Christine Molloy says; “We offer a modern take on a country pub that reaches out to a diverse range of people”, adding, “we provide a friendly place that appeals to singles, couples and families, where locals and visitors can relax and enjoy themselves”. The live music nights are a great hit, organised by Chris’ partner Richard who has a strong music background – adding another dimension to a night out. Chris and chef Adam Brook,  are very particular about the provenance of their produce ensuring it is ethically and locally sourced – add the fact that all butchery is performed in house, guarantees the integrity of the menu.

Chef Adam Brook (right) with Front of House manager Troy Downs

Adam started working at The Farmers as the sous chef about a year ago and is now the head chef. With thirteen years in hospitality, he is constantly looking at the hanging food scene, keeping up with the latest developments and demands of diners. The life of a chef isn’t easy, especially with the unsocialable hours – the fact that his partner is also a chef, helps. While it can be tough, he loves what he does and that shows in his cooking. He would however, like to have a little more time to spend with his two year old twins.

Finding more time to have a life has been high on Christine’s agenda this year. Working 24/7, dividing her time between The Farmers Arms and another similar business was taking it’s toll, so she made the decision to let go of the latter business and rationalise her life in order to achieve some freedom and the luxury of switching off.

Although holding this enthusiastic business woman back may not be as easy as one would think. A dedicated and obsessive renovator, Chris has a few projects slowly cooking away in the background, just to keep her happy. Travelling is also in the bucket list.

The Farmers Arms Hotel Creswick has to be on your “must go there” list.  Ph: 03 5345 2221