Local GP succeeds with her first book

Being a trained and practicing GP gave writer Susi Fox the perfect background knowledge for her first book Mine.  The idea for the plot came to her in a dream that was so powerful, that she woke with a deep sense of fear, which evolved into a psychological journey of a character trying to be believed.

Susi Fox is a GP in New Gisborne now living in Kyneton.  She deftly balances life as a doctor, being a mother to seven-year-old twins, partner to Annie and a writer.  As achild she always wanted to be a doctor, but loved writing with at least one teacher saying she should study literature.  The journey to her first published work has been a long one, taking six years to complete.  She said, “each time I did a draft, the writing improved and I kept coming up with challenges for the main character that had to be worked through”.  At the time, Susi was practicing in Ballarat and the drive from Daylesford, where she lived at the time, gave her the space to think things through and develop her characters.  At the same time, she was studying creative writing at RMIT and the prestigious Vogel Literary Awards were coming up for unpublished authors under the age of thirty-five – at the time, Susi was thirty-four.  This gave her the push to finish her novel and submit it to literary agents – two of whom passed over the manuscript while a third picked it up off what is colloquially known as the slush pile. Initially it was rejected by a publisher, but Penguin books picked it up and it was released in Australia at the beginning of April, 2018 and in the UK at the end of May and has been selling well. The excitement doesn’t stop there, as Mine has been optioned for the movie rights – hopefully one day soon, Susi’s book will be made into a movie.

Susi Fox’s first book is only the beginning of a planned list of books waiting to be written. Looking to the future, Susi feels she has twenty books in the pipeline and has already started work on her second novel – again in the medical genre as she wants to keep people engaged.  Susi will be presenting at this year’s Bendigo Writers Festival in August.