A Stylish Winter at Alpaca Passion

How does a farmer become a fashion retailer and designer? The trajectory to creating your own fashion label is usually straightforward.  But for Liz Robinson, her pathway has been completely unconventional.

Back in 2003 Liz and her partner Keith purchased a few alpacas as pets. They quickly became obsessed with these captivating animals, and since then their herd has grown from three to over 100 alpacas. To promote the luxurious fleece being shorn from their animals, they started importing alpaca jumpers and ponchos from South America and sold them in a small shop on their farm, which they named Alpaca Passion. Nowadays Alpaca Passion is the premier alpaca fashion boutique in Australia and Liz and Keith have been successfully showcasing the alpaca fleece to customers in Daylesford for over 10 years. Liz and Keith’s daughter Cassie has always been involved with both the farming and fashion businesses and has inherited her parents’ passion for everything Alpaca. After working in the fashion and publishing industries for 10 years, Cassie decided to join the family business full time in February 2016.

Since then, Liz and Cassie have worked towards starting their own label A.P. MODA, with the aim to bring alpaca wool into every woman’s wardrobe. Named after their store and the Spanish word for fashion, A.P. MODA is a contemporary alpaca womenswear label. The range consists of timeless classics and sophisticated staples including knitwear, coats, accessories and homewares. While Liz still likes to claim that she is just an alpaca farmer from the country, anyone who has visited Alpaca Passion in Daylesford or has purchased a piece from the A.P. MODA range knows that while this may be true, she definitely has an understated sense of fashion and design and is well on her way to making an alpaca jumper a go-to piece in everyone’s wardrobe.  http://www.alpacapassion.com.au