Who would have thought that the humble spud would be at the centre of a festival? Growing every year, the annual Great Trentham Spudfest is now in its 11th exciting year, and Trentham is all set for the fun and games to take over the town. The festival is a wonderful way to celebrate the spirit of the community and recognise Trentham’s potato-growing heritage.

Once again, the usually shy, humble and bashful potato bursts free from life underground and basks in the limelight – but out of the sun! – for festivities in its honour.

The Great Trentham Spudfest is an opportunity for visitors and the local community to join in a number of exciting spud activities and have a spudtacular time. Last year over 6000 people enjoyed the festivities so come along and join in this year – there will be something for everyone!

With live entertainment and plenty of fun for the whole family it’s a great day out! You’ll even find cooking demonstrations, art and craft stalls, and some local history of the famous spud. There’s plenty of local food options, with some including the humble spuds and others striking out on their own, as well as drinks and treats. You can even buy a bag of spuds to take home! http://trenthamspudfest.org.au/