The Autumn skies offer excitement

By Lyndall McQuinn

I am really excited this Autumn; cycles are changing. There are two major planetary shifts in this time frame that should alter the energy patterns we have been dealing with for the past eight years.

Firstly, Uranus moves into Taurus in May, just in time for your birthdays. This won’t affect everyone at once just the early Taurus births, April 21 to 24, but over the next eight years, the Taurus paradigm is in for a shake up. Now this would excite some, but this is Taurus who likes the change to be slow and steady. Jupiter is also in opposition to Taurus this year so others bring opportunities and enthusiasm to your world. Looking like – up the tempo Taurus.

Scorpio in opposition to Taurus will also have this Uranian influence, which infers others cause upheaval to your lives and like Taurus you are a fixed sign so too much emotional change too fast doesn’t suit you. The greatest effect of this is to the Scorpios born early in the sign. Sunny Jupiter is brightening the load of Scorpio; your Full Moon in April also adds a light so this may be a time of bringing what can be a darker mindset to an enlightened space.

The second big planetary event is Chiron moves into Aries. This gentle healing energy may have a task quieting the Arian frenetic pace. Chiron represents dealing with wounds and finding healing; this may be a change of pace for Aries. Until May, Uranus is still creating vast changes for those born at the end of Aries, April 17 through 20; this may be intense but extremely liberating. Mercury also retrogrades in Aries throughout March and April so this creates many rethinks.

Libra: those annoying little undercurrent situations that can be unclear and disconcerting may seem to disappear in Autumn. You have a Full Moon at Easter that brings to light the things you need to deal with. Any family responsibilities that may be oppressive, will all be settled with a disciplined approach. The chaos is around you, not within you.

Pisces: Chiron leaves your sign in May – it’s been there for the last ten years. All of you have had a time of clearing out major wounds that set you back or kept you from moving forward. That leaves Neptune, your ruler as your resident; she is halfway through your sign and asks for new perspectives and goals. It’s not an easy energy to work with as Neptune likes to indulge to escape, however Neptune also offers great vision and insight.

Virgo: you have watched on and worried about those around you for far too long. You may feel like the intensity has lifted and now your interactions concern where to from here. Your Full Moon early March is a time to reframe and begin to reshape your directions. In May there will be planets in all the earth signs, this will really help anchor your sense of well being.

Aquarius: the issues of your Autumn are very practical ones; work, money and the home front. You are never short of the big picture and for once there can be optimism that maybe the opportunities you dream of are in reach. Just be clear on the remuneration contracts.

Leo: you are still influenced by the massive changes that have featured in your life over the last couple of years. However by mid year you will feel you are coming to a secure place within them. Autumn will have a more grounded approach even though we expect a few business surprises; they are positive adjustments for your directions. The home front is joyous.

Capricorn: I bet you love the solid, sensible approach to life that Saturn has brought to its home sign. Time to restructure and things go at a pace you know and love. The control has returned to your existence. Pluto though is still plaguing the mid term Capricorns – those born January 9 to 12 as it presses the point on matters that may be deep and complex.

Cancer: Let’s reverse Capricorn – I bet you really detest the pressure Saturn is applying to the relationships in your life. The huge sense of responsibility that you feel obliged to nurture. Perhaps the lesson is to be discerning as to what responsibility you take on. There are robust energies to meet new friends and study new fields to create the enjoyment you seek in your social life. You can choose this.

Sagittarius: Feeling a little push/ pull. Plenty of energy makes you active and for some, restless and ready for action whilst another aspect says there are opportunities to really consolidate the assets and opportunities that you have. The Full Moon is in Sagittarius at the end of Autumn on May 30, maybe the time when plans settle. Exercise regimes may excite and take up restless energy.

Gemini: Autumn may be a little unsettled as work directions can be unclear as new plans and goals are in early phases. There can be a tendency to be blocked by others rules and regulations that you really can’t be bothered with. So maybe you are looking for a team of people or the tribe you want to be a part of. New and different people are the recipe for Autumn.

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