Travelling with Pets

There is still plenty of summer left with time to get away with the whole family, and that often means the four-legged members as well. If you plan to travel with your pet over the holidays, there are a few things you’ll need to consider, especially in country areas. You have to be fully responsible for your dog, no matter what size, and not let them wander unattended where they can chase wildlife and livestock. Remember farmers do have the right to shoot dogs if found on their property.

Don’t forget your pets needs for food, water and a safe and secure enclosure. Make sure your pet is micro-chipped so if they do wander, you can be reunited as soon as possible. Be aware of snakes, kangaroos (they kick), water hazards – even a chop from the BBQ can be of serious concern. (Onion and dogs do not mix!) When you stop anywhere, don’t leave your dog in the car, they can overheat very quickly and potentially die.

There may be a time when your pet requires first aid, so include a few standard first aid items in your kit suitable for animals; your vet can advise you. For more serious problems, prompt veterinary treatment is vital. You can Google local vets or ask your vet for a list of clinics if you know exactly where you’re heading. A well-planned and thoughtful holiday can be wonderful for all the family including the four-legged members of your household. Be prepared and have fun.

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