Who is Jo Hall

At 6.00pm each week night, Nine News Regional Victoria presenter, Jo Hall, reads local news to Western Victoria, Central Victoria, Border North East and Gippsland regions. Jo has been a familiar and trusted presence in our lounge rooms for almost four decades. We were invited to speak with Jo about her special family Christmas recipe, but we learned much more about Jo than a Christmas slice.

Behind the public image, Jo is a very friendly, warm, funny and caring woman who as a single mother has raised four exceptional children. Now aged 59, she remains open to the next adventure. After her eldest son Rhyss was born, Jo thought her career may be over before it had really begun. It was Jo’s mother who stepped in declaring that she could have it all if she wanted it. “I was incredibly close to my mum” says Jo. “We would speak on the phone at least five times a day and she gave me the push I needed and helped care for Rhyss and second son Tysyn, who was only six months old when she sadly passed away”. It was then that Jo’s older sister Paulette took over and is still very much involved in their lives.

Now with her youngest children twins Fynn and Emmerson having turned eighteen, it’s time to look at other things, although Jo feels her role as the twin’s Uber and ATM may continue for a little while longer.  Getting back to family Christmas festivities, Jo related how Christmas Day would often mean having lunch with the family, then racing off to the studio to anchor the news. “I could never have a glass of champagne, but I could still wake up with the children on Christmas morning.” She adds, “My sister and I would alternate hosting Christmas, but these days, it’s at her place, lazing around the pool.”

At the end of 2016, Jo was going to cut back on her workload, but the opportunity to present the regional bulletins was offered and accepted. As a lover of human interest stories, Jo has a weekly Sunday night radio program on 3AW where she has an hour long chat with famous people, a role she thoroughly enjoys.  In addition, Jo is heavily involved in a number of charities, so slowing down doesn’t appear to be something she’ll be doing anytime soon.  She says, “I feel fit and healthy, I don’t exercise per se, but I run with the dog and enjoy a round of golf and maybe one day I’ll write that book that I’ve always wanted to write”. She adds, “I guess it’s in the genes. My Dad is 101 years old and still living independently”.

Whatever Jo Hall chooses to do in the future, it’s bound to be as impressive as she is.