Summer Camp a great holiday adventure

The long summer school holidays are sitting on the horizon, raising the usual dilemma of what to do with the kids over the long break. Of growing appeal is the opportunity to send the kids off to summer camp, fully occupying them for a few days and giving Mum and Dad some respite. We wanted to know what summer camp was like from a child’s perspective, so we spoke with nine-year-old Tate and his Dad Simon about Tate’s experiences last year.  A very friendly child, Tate delighted in telling us of his favourite activities at camp. “Abseiling is really fun, but it’s a bit scary, but not

Nine year old Tate loves summer camp at Cave Hill Creek

too scary”, he said, adding “I like raft building that we do in a group and paddle on the lake and we hike up mountains and I swim a lot.” He went on to say “There’s a game we play called capture the flag. We have a red team and a blue team and the first team to capture the flag is a winner.” Asked about using computer games, Tate said “We don’t have computer games at camp and that’s really good”.  Asked if he missed mum and dad when he is at camp, his emphatic reply was “No, not really”, seeming surprised the question was even asked.

Tate’s father Simon was equally enthusiastic about summer camp. He said “The camp focuses on the ability to socialise with other kids. Tate really hit it off at his first camp, so he is going in 2018 and may even do it again later in the year” adding “camp really helps to broaden his social skills.” Asked if he would recommend camp to other parents, Simon replied without hesitation “Definitely. I would recommend any parent and child give it a go. It’s a good introduction to developing life skills. Cave Hill Creek is in a stunning spot with amazing views. The owners are always thinking forward with new ideas for the kids and trying to expand the camp.”

Tate went to Cave Hill Creek, a multi-award-winning tourism venue near Beaufort. There are two camps on offer: Summer Camp for kids aged 8 – 14, and Summer Camp-Out, a 5-day outdoor expedition and camping program for teenagers. For more details visit