Riding the trails of the Daylesford bush

What better way to experience the beauty of Australian bushland than on horseback? The bushland around Daylesford is light and open with more eucalyptus trees than you can count and an array of riding trails winding through the trees. Trail rides are the perfect way to commune with nature as the human guide and horse take you on a tour surrounded by the sights and scents of a eucalypt forest.

Boomerang Holiday Ranch is a family owned and operated camp located in the Spa Centre of Victoria, only 2km from the heart of Daylesford and surrounded by the picturesque Hepburn Regional Park. Riders can be at any level, from absolute beginners through to experienced riders, with horses chosen to match their rider. The horses are just as friendly as the staff! Riders are split into groups based on skill, so no matter your skill level you’re sure to have a fantastic time. http://www.boomerangranch.com.au