The Big Cohuna Festival

If you’re lucky enough to have a holiday on Melbourne Cup day and you can sneak in the Monday prior, you have a long weekend to fill and here’s something you can get your teeth into.  The Big Cohuna Festival running from 3rd to 7th November is an event that takes in some amazing events and

Shayne Mostyn Astro Photography Worksho
Shayne Mostyn Astro Photography Workshop

activities that both showcase the region, which sits around 274km from Melbourne, not far from Echuca and offering an abundance of events for everyone.  Checking out the program this is definitely an event to encourage people to jump into the car, travel the highway and be immersed in a full weekend of fun.  Indulge in great food, wine, art, cruising on the Murray river as well as kayaking, canoing and for the brave or fool hardy, Stand-Up Paddleboard riding.  Throw in horse riding, farm tours, forest walks and sky gazing and you have a full weekend of activities to keep the most energetic of people fully entertained and probably needing a rest after their adventures.  To read and download the program in full go to

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