What Does Spring Hold For You


During early spring Mercury will finish its retrograde journey, which has taken it back into Leo, and rewind its way back through Virgo who has had an unclear last month where it can be difficult to decipher all the mixed messages. Virgo has had so much on their plate and still the answers are illusive.  Those born at the end of Virgo have Chiron’s healing energy shining a light on them. Those born early September have Neptune’s disorientation to cope with.  Your new moon on Sep 20 is a time to restart.

Pisces; prominent lunar influences highlight your spring. You have a couple of profound ritual times during spring; one on your full moon at the very beginning of spring Sept 6 and one on the older ritual of Samhein on Oct 31. Both these times have a Pisces moon.  Pisces loves to drift in the enriching inner world so allow the portal to open wide on these dates. Neptune is still in your sign so it helps to add a creative flare and Chiron who is nearing the end of its time in Pisces is just helping those born at the end of the sign to clear out dross.

Libra; is in for a busy spring, firstly because all the personal planets are making a visit through your sign so that adds up to becoming clear about directions and creating them and learning how to communicate clearly. Jupiter has been adding abundance to the Librian life style but it is due to pass out of Libra in October. Capitalise on the opportunities, there will be time to down scale later. The new moon in Libra on Oct 26 is a wonderful opportunity to preview the past year and reset the pattern of the one to come.

Aries; life is quieter, Uranus had rumbled over all of you and is just completing its shake up of those born at the end of the sign.  Refreshed and situated in many new lifestyle changes, Pluto now touches base to allow you to digest the change. Anything deeper that needs to be lifted will be and Saturn trine from Sagittarius gives insight into new structures. Aries full moon on October 6 lets you see the wonder of the past changes. Turbulence equals liberation in the long run.

Scorpio; you too have a visit from the Sun, Mercury and Venus. These always ask us to re-evaluate who we are and with Venus review goals and relationships. Mercury likes to communicate and in Scorpio, with real conversations. Jupiter is on its way in October so this says abundance time for you.  This adds a cheer to life and a yes to actions that you want in place. The new moon on Nov 18 allows for a new outlook. Definitely a spring in your step

Taurus; can feel in no man’s land. There are influences all around, but you can’t quite put your finger on them. It’s as if life is racing by and you’re trying to impart your steadying influence, but the whole world has just gone mad. Taurus’s born from May 6 to 10 may feel a burning intensity to push on with great results, whilst most of the sign feels disjointed and unsure. The full moon of November 4 throws much needed light on your destinations.

Sagittarius; are still feeling Saturn’s influence and by now have had enough of the finger of authority imputing into life.  Heavily affected are Sagittarians born December 13 as Saturn will sit on you for a couple of months. Sagittarians born up to December 20 are also blessed by Saturn’s tenacity. Best thing to do is apply disciple to your life, be it in health, wealth or relating.  Mercury reaches your sign by November so this allows for freedom of expression or added restlessness to move you on.

Gemini; is having fun especially in a social sense. Beautiful relating energy flows from Libra culminating in October with Libra’s full moon. There may be the odd downer come in from reality checks from Saturn especially in Novembeer when it squares Chiron. This usually talks about establishing health regimes or financial structures.  Just a more serious note at spring’s end.

Capricorn; life has been deep, slow and purging especially for Capricorns born January 7 through 10. Pluto turns direct by September’s end, this may help the mood of life. Any changes happening have many facets so if things seem like they are taking time; maybe they need to. Spring is refreshing, new ideas, new relationships and new interests will be in the mix. Embrace them even if they are relatively mundane.

Cancer; are things finally moving? Neptune’s trines across from Pisces has kept you in a state of fog. After what has seemed like a time of ideas, options and blockages; plans are manifesting. Its like you have finally worked your way through the endless planning and visualizing and Uranus and Jupiter although in difficult aspect to you, are going to swing some fast positive fix your way.  Dancing in the streets.

Aquarius; life is going at a rapid pace, it being difficult to determine how to prioritise the options. Jupiter’s high speed thinking and networking has upped the anti in your life for quite some time now. It may be a relief when Jupiter crosses into Scorpio where the challenge of sifting through and selecting what has been a feasible concept and what is illusive become your task.  A steadier pace would suit your efforts.

Leo; still reeling from the August eclipses: how much drama can an eclipse create? The beginning of spring feels like a catch up on what you have been trying to implement. Things may be a little behind schedule, but happening nonetheless.  In your grounded and optimistic way you process changes, even the unexpected ones into firm steady structures.







Mica Grange