Local Astrologer Shines in Portugal

When respected Astrologer Lyndall McQuinn completed a speaking engagement in Sydney, she was told she wouldn’t be accepted in overseas conferences unless she applied.  However, she was personally invited by the Astrology Organisation of Portugal to speak and lecture at the first International Astrology Conference in Maia, Portugal in early 2017.

LyndallWorkshopLyndall who lives near Daylesford has studied her craft for over thirty years, having known in her early twenties, that Astrology was the path she needed to follow. Since then she has gleaned a vast knowledge of astrology and tarot and shares that knowledge through personal readings, workshops, speaking engagements and courses and is the author of several books.  A down to earth and practical woman, Lyndall has a no nonsense approach to most things in life and was delighted, if a little daunted, to accept the invitation to be a presenter at the conference – she is very glad she did.  Lyndall says “It was the best conference I have ever been to because of its diversity and it was extremely well run”.  Adding “Language was a little problematic as many delegates didn’t speak English and my Spanish, whilst adequate, left some gaps in absorbing all of the lectures, but I managed to understand most of what was being presented”.  Mixing with so many like minded people was an education for all parties.  Lyndall says “My work and the different way I draw charts is unusual” and she was actually told that her way is ‘quite pecular’.  However, by the end of the conference many attendees were acknowledging that her approach worked.  Meeting fellow practitioners from as far afield as England, America, Europe and China was an unsurpassed opportunity to learn and develop and to share ideas.  From these interactions, Lyndall believes that Asia and especially China, a country that boasts strong links to astrology are the way forward and she is looking forward to being involved in more international conferences in the future.



Mica Grange