Your look at winter

Winter has the warmth of the fire elementals this year as the planets of Uranus, Saturn and Moon’s Nodes are connected via fire trines; which means energy flows easily from one feisty placement to the next. On an interpretive level this means the sudden and maybe unexpected changes to various structures in our lives can be discombobulating and destined, but liberating.  This combination affects most strongly the fire signs

LEO your winter seems to be robustly rolling along into new and interesting directions, but the nagging old patterns; those niggley little preoccupations that aren’t so interesting, but need reviewing keep tripping you up. The momentum that you feel is your charm, is not consistent and you have to prop and reconsider options that are against the pulse of Leo’s rhythm. The dark moons of July 23 and August 22 eclipsed, are both in your sign. So this suggests the wisdom lies in looking beneath the surfaces: spend some time in the dark.

Some SAGITTARIANS are dealing with Saturn. Not your favourite type of energy, a bit too oppressive for Sagittarius flamboyance. This is especially so in August for  Sagittarians born on Dec 13 and throughout winter and those born up to Dec 20. Saturn is a great discipline planet – so perfect to train for sporting events or dieting or any pet project you may want to complete. You have a full moon on June 9 so allow this energy to let you see the bigger picture for the coming months.

ARIES has Uranus and a tiny sprinkle of Venus energy in early June. Enjoy the love from Venus even if she’s a tad competitive in your sign; nothing like a challenge to get a smile on your face.  The Uranus journey is coming to the latter stages of its Aries journey so over the past six years we have multifarious new look Aries. All those previously liberated are urging the later months, Aries brothers and sisters to embrace the thunder ball. Feels invigorating after all is trampled behind. The air signs are always across the wheel from their feisty fire rivals.

LIBRA you have your own rollercoaster ride especially those born on Oct 7 and after June those born up to Oct 15th. New opportunities, I’m thinking abundance mentality, lovely new friendships as opposed to legal suits and chronic indecision that keeps you static. As winter progresses be aware of power issues arising from any of these new ventures, carefully consider what you pass on verbally.

AQUARIUS is the quiet achiever of the winter, gently, contemplative with plenty of optimism to stimulate your vast space consciousness flowing from Libra, whilst Saturn and Uranus sextile on either side allow for innovative new forms to build into your life. Your full moon/partial eclipse on August 8 allows you to peruse the winter projects and the south node allows for resolution of pasts.

GEMINI is in full flights of fancy. There is plenty to stimulate your mind to action over the winter period. All the personal planets pay you a visit and the optimistic Jupiter also flows easily into your space as well. Uranus can also affect some Geminis so be wary of burn out or over stimulation. It doesn’t matter if all the plans don’t hit the ground; you can leave some for slower times. The earth and water signs effects come from having the planets of Pluto, Neptune and Chiron housed in these elements.

CAPRICORN has been dealing with Pluto for quite awhile and during winter Pluto makes contact to Jupiter and widely Neptune. So the idealism starts to surface in what can be a dark period for Capricorn. We can start to see the emergence of the new dreams or new spirit that has been buried alive. This is especially powerful for those born on Jan 8 and 9. The full moon on 9th Jul throws light on the landscape.

The flow of the Pluto energy to VIRGO has given them strength of heart, which some find confusing whilst others find healing. Mercury becomes retrograde in your sign in ‘August so communicating this new found surge may meet with the stutters or a need to revise what it is you are trying to say.

TAURUS embodies Pluto’s empowerment even though the directions in their lives may be challenged. Especially those late Taurus bulls as the nodes square their sign asking them to review pasts to move forward. Taurus is never short of dreams but they can be illusive to implement.

The three fish space of PISCES continues. Those who are under Neptune’s fragrance – March 3 to 9 births ultimately love to create and float with the imaginary and ingenious threads that are available at this time.  Other Pisceans are dealing with the Saturn’s scorn, a time of heeding earthly realities whilst the Pisces at the close of the sign are working in a healing paradigm. It’s all too busy for a sign that operates in its own energetic flow.

CANCERS tide follows the lunar currents. Like Gemini, all the personal planets will coast by your way – that makes for calm moorings that flip to turbulent firestorms depending on the circulating energy. The dark moon on June 24 lets you uncover what is really important to you over the coming months. Your sensitivity to the everyday world is on high alert so be aware of what you may be playing out for others.

SCORPIO slides along deeply, also affected by the nodal square that questions directional flow versus impact of pasts. In Scorpio’s case though we have Jupiter and Saturn on either side that gives a nice balance of expand and contract so there is parity between decision and actions. Also the Neptune from Pisces flows in with inspirational illumination that tends to lift the spirit.

I feel a contented, cosy winter in place here.

Blessed be – Lyndall McQuinn