Your pocket guide to Artisans & Makers of Bendigo Region

Antiques, collectables, artists and artisans and those who create, collect and exhibit are a magnet to the curious, the acquisitive and any one who appreciates the makers of extraordinary works.  The Bendigo region has more than its fair share of producers and creators and you can spend an inordinate amount of time travelling around just trying to find what is available.  Key destinations within the Bendigo Region have come together to make the search so much easier by developing a pocket guide to the Artisans and Makers of Bendigo Region.

By using this guide, you can build your own regional adventure itinerary and visit some of the leading Artisans, Makers and Creators of the creative Bendigo region.  The following is just a small sample of what you can discover in each region with the help of the guide.


With over 40 individual site holders, the Antiques and Collectables Centre at the iconic Bendigo Pottery includes pottery, paintings, glassware, jewellery, vintage clothing, furniture, silverware, kitchenalia and collectables of all sizes. A fine browse for collectors and those on a sentimental journey.


Platform No.5 is a curated makers space and creative community. Here you’ll find an exciting collection of hand crafted and up-cycled furniture and lifestyle pieces. Airy and industrial in feel, the hand hewn wood surfaces and worn metal compliment the space perfectly.


Possum Gully Fine Arts A quirky mud brick structure set in a beautiful garden which forms a natural background for the many pieces of garden sculpture. Exhibiting international, national and regional artists with works on paper, sculpture, glass, jewellery, painting and textile art.


Any visit to Simply Tomatoes is truly a unique and memorable one. This farm experience indulges the senses of sight, touch and taste. You can taste the platters and picnic boxes made from the Lanyon family’s signature green tomato recipes. The Lanyon family have been growing tomatoes for almost 30 years. You’ll see their wool bedding, quilts and wool/grain therapeutic heat pads being made in front of you. But above all, you will be touched by the warmth and friendliness of Marilyn and Ian as they show you around their RV friendly farm and the handmade creations. These products can be purchased from the farm retail shop.

Pick up your own pocket guide to discover some of the leading Artisans and Makers from the Bendigo Region at Visitor Centres and leading venues throughout the Bendigo Region.

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