Find a warm welcome at The Green Store

At a time when the planet is choking from an obscene amount of packaging, mainly plastics, its refreshing to find a store that defies the trend and presents sensible alternatives.

The Greenstore in Trentham’s Market Street is just such a place.  Here is a general store specializing in natural, organic and ethically sourced products with a focus on thoughtful design and functionality.  Stocking a diverse range of body care and cleaning products, ideal for those who have sensitivities and allergies and those who simply want a chemical free home.

Rhonda Watson
Rhonda Watson

The Greenstore is a family affair run by Rhonda Watson and daughters Kasie and Stephanie. 


Rhonda worked in the original Green Store in Fairfield in Melbourne and took over the business when founder Ann Eckersley, known as one of the first to champion sustainable Australian made products, retired.  A move to the country saw Rhonda establish the current retail outlet in Trentham. Kasie who has a strong retail background, mainly within the jewellery industry decided to make a major life change by studying Myotheraphy.  When she graduated, the back rooms of the store were tastefully refurbished to accommodate therapy rooms where she now practices. Enter Stephanie who makes many of the products available in the store as well as looking after the necessities of bookkeeping and caring for her young children.  Kasie says, “We are a good three-way mix – Mum is good at organising, Stephanie is the creative one and I handle merchandising and marketing”. There is a warmth between these women, which is reflected in the ambience of both the store and therapy salon, making this a very welcoming place to visit.