Terra Australis – Daylesford’s new spirit

Founder of Herbal Lore Liqueurs, Roger McLean has branched into spirits with several new products, under the banner of Terra Australis. First out of the distillery is a premium gin bearing the names of Sweet Jennifer, Lady Susanne and Navy Strength and each with their own distinctive labels that reflects the product’s connection with Australia, making it identifiable around the world. The gin will soon be followed by a range of vodkas and lemincellos while waiting for the maturation of brandy and whisky. Asked why he chose to start the new spirit lines with gin, Roger said “the botanicals needed to make gin fits in with Herbal Lore’s range of liqueurs and pharmaceuticals for all round healing and health”. He added “the gin is really good for cocktails – a nice way to take your medicine”.  For many years Roger has wanted to distill his own spirits and is aiming to make the range a global product, hence the distinctive labelling. He says; “This is a beautiful blending combination of liqueurs, alcohol, spirits and medicine”. Currently, Roger is looking for distributors to help make Terra Australis a brand known throughout Australia and globally. http://www.herballoreliqueurs.com