From Italy to Daylesford

Renowned photographer Robert Marnika and his partner Simone left Italy to settle in Australia in 2015.  After 12 months in Melbourne, Robert and Simone, moved again, this time to the iconic tourist town, Daylesford.   “It is wonderful here, so different to Italy.” Robert said. “Although it was a surprise to find so little activity at night at first!”

When Robert and Simone announced to friends that they were moving to Australia, their friends couldn’t believe it.  Robert had been a photographer for more than 25 years and is well-known for both his photography and his photographic workshops in Italy, Croatia and Spain. “But you are made here.  You have everything, why would you want to start again?” his friends asked.   Good question.  “Mostly, from a desire for adventure and a sense of curiosity.” Robert responded, “We are happy, but it is hard because in terms of my photography I’m starting from scratch and no-one knows me or my work”.

There is no shortage for photography lovers to learn about Robert’s work. He is a regular exhibitor and is doing photographic workshops in Melbourne and Daylesford.  Course details can be found on Robert’s website  Or for the more adventurous photography and nature lover, Robert and Simone are organising a Summer Photography School Tour of the Canary Islands in July 2017.  Check the website for details.