From Smeaton to New York

Riding horses around the family farm in Smeaton is a long way from the international bridal fashion stage, but that’s how far Anna Campbell has travelled in a career that could be described as meteoric. Anna has always loved fashion as a Year Twelve secondary school project, made a wedding dress inspired creation.  This led to a move to Melbourne to study fashion, but it wasn’t long before she decided that the formal path wasn’t really for her.  Having designed and made head and small bridal pieces, she set about “pounding the pavement” selling her unique styles to small boutiques, with one shop carrying one of her bridal dresses.  About this time an agent found Anna and taught her how to wholesale her designs. Over the intervening ten years, Anna has gathered
around her a strong, creative team who have helped to make Anna Campbell a much sought after designer in North America, Canada, UK, Europe, South America, Australia and New Zealand.  An Anna Campbell wedding dress is an intricately designed mix of silks, laces and complex beading that make the creation instantly recognisable.

Each year Anna and her team work on taking her ideas and developing them into a collection that she takes to New York each October.  There she meets with international buyers who take her creations, that are all made in Melbourne, worldwide.  Anna said “This year we have one dress in the new collection that is entirely covered in beads and is stunning”.

anna-campbell-third-lookIn January this year, Anna married the love of her life, Murray and said “I wore four different dresses on that day”, all her own designs of course, adding “It was the most wonderfully, beautiful day, surrounded by the people I love”.

Asked where she sees herself in five years’ time, Anna hesitated for a second, but only a second and replied strongly “I want to be settled with a family in a home with horses, close to the city”.  “I also want to ensure that the ethics of my designs are as strong then as they are now”.

Anna has come a long way from that farm in Smeaton, which she still visits whenever her busy life allows and at only twenty nine, there is a very bright future ahead.