Fashionista Sisters of the Goldfields

When meeting Ballarat’s Liana Skewes and her sister Deneale, it’s obvious they share a genetic predisposition for classic, flattering fashion. Scratch the surface however and you’ll discover their similarities are not just skin deep. The pair has embraced the world of fashion blogging, but instead of modeling clothes in nondescript settings, they both showcase the Goldfields’ most charming scenery. “There is so much content out there in the fashion blogging world that to cut through the white noise you need a unique voice,” says Liana, whose blog Finding Femme: The Lifelong Pursuit of Elegance ( has an impressive following across various social media platforms, predominantly in America where the sights and delights of Ballarat and neighbouring towns hold fresh appeal. “Part of it is exploring fashion in your own unique way, but the other part is the backdrop. Not many bloggers are out there talking about black swans and Heritage Weekend. Match that with clothes and it creates an emotional response. I want people to go to these places and see them with new eyes.”

Liana has dipped her toe in the fashion blog pool a couple of times over the years, but dived right in a year ago when she launched Finding Femme. Meanwhile, Deneale’s blog, The Goldfields Girl (, was launched this past autumn, born out of a Parisian holiday with Liana. Enjoying high tea in the ritzy Golden Triangle, they surmised about how amazing it would be if the Goldfields were like the Golden Triangle. “The blog’s tagline is Living a Beautiful Life on the Goldfields as I love beautiful things, whether it be places, food, fashion, lifestyle,” says Deneale, whose posts to date have showcased maternity wear (her baby is due in October), but ongoing will be themed around highlights of living in the Goldfields region. “It sums up what we do when Liana and I spend time together,” she says. “We’ll go to Bendigo, or take a Saturday afternoon drive to Castlemaine. A lot of our life revolves around doing things in this region.”