Winter begins with a T Square in the mutable signs. The make-up of this square is Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. This means all these planets are affecting each other and causing chaos and mayhem in the stories of our lives. This is a time when the bizarre and unlikely blend in an inner dance that leaves us wondering where the boundaries are for our sanity. So expect the unexpected and yes that crazy hunch you have about the circumstances in your life is most likely correct.  Saturn and Neptune will continue united until the end of winter and in traditional astrology they can signify anxiety as our boundaries continually continue to dissolve; however they can also signify disciplining your dreams.  Jupiter will unhook from this interplay and join forces with Pluto in Capricorn by the end of June and beginning of July. These two: Jupiter and Pluto, are usually indicative of power so this is a chance to empower your dreams and visions in ways that did not seem possible. Both of these planets are in earth signs so there is a chance of hitting the ground and re-establishing situations that seem to be ... Read More
Prani Glow Day Spa

Hollywood comes to Daylesford

A touch of tinsel town comes to this year’s Words in Winter Festival in Daylesford.  Maia Irell put up her hand to coordinate Words in Winter 2016 and brings with her loads of experience as production assistant on many commercial projects in Hollywood as well as working as an assistant ... Read More

Simply Tomatoes, Simply Delicious

Tomatoes find their way onto everyone’s table summer and winter. They come in many varieties and are used in very many ways. However, there is a farm in Boort, northern Victoria that has taken the humble tomato to a new level. Read More

A healthy break away

Often all you need for a healthy boost in life is a break away - a few days in a different environment where peace and quiet abounds. Perricoota Vines Retreat in Moama provides just that with their exquisite resort where the cares of the world are forgotten with all the accoutrements ... Read More

A Retirement plan gone remarkably right

When Ian and Merilyn Woodhouse retired from dairy farming just over 10 years ago they were looking for a new challenge. Alpacas, grapes and emu farming were quickly eliminated and they were contemplating growing wildflowers when they saw a program on Black Perigord Truffles, a sought after culinary fungus that grows ... Read More

Feldenkrais & Bowen Therapy

Picture - Moshe Feldenkrais - creator of the Feldenhrais method Read More

Reflexology for face and feet

For more than 20 years Maureen Wilson has been passionate about Complimentary Health and to take it to the next level from just participating she has put it into practise. Her main focus is Reflexology along with Facial Reflexology. This modality has been practised as far back as the Egyptians and Chinese ... Read More
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Prani Glow Massage

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This Farmer’s Wife is making an impact

In November 2015 the streetscape of Creswick was given a chic, elegant facelift with the introduction of a gorgeous store bearing the unusual name of The Farmer’s Wife.  The brainchild of Bec Mason, this store with its range of stylish women’s fashion wear, men’s and children’s clothing and home wares ... Read More

The Secrets of the Post Office Gallery

The Secrets of the Post Office Gallery Read More